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1. Guidelines for Oral Presentation

Oral presentations are planned for a total 20 minutes, including 15 minutes for presenter plus 5 minutes for discussion. The lecture hall will be equipped with overhead projector and a computer equipped with CD-drive and USB port, with Windows system and appropriate software i.e. Power Point and Acrobat Reader.

Presenters are kindly requested to be present in the lecture hall 10 min before the session starts in order to introduce themselves to the session chair and to check the technical facilities.

2. Guidelines for Poster Presentation

Unlike oral, poster presentations give authors and attendees the opportunity to discuss results in details, and permit authors to adapt the presentation with the viewer needs and expectations. For those reasons sometimes poster sessions are called dialog sessions. The key to a successful poster presentation is to prepare poster materials carefully.

The poster board area for each presentation is 2 m high by 0.98 m wide. You may use the whole or a part of the area. The size of poster materials should, accordingly, be easily read while standing in front. The title and the list of authors, along with the addresses and affiliations, should be printed in large, block letters. The posting of pages of a manuscript is strongly discouraged. A few oversized graphs with concise captions or intriguing question will catch the attention of your viewer who can then be engaged in more detailed dialog or discussion.

It is important to organise the materials logically, so that an interested viewer can grasp the motivation for the work, the methods used, and the most significant results.

Arrive well ahead of the scheduled poster session to arrange your poster and be sure to have necessary supplies. Posters are to be attached to the poster board with an adhesive tape provided by organisers. One or more authors must be present during the session. Poster session will be one hour long.

All poster material should be removed promptly at the end of the session.


Paper preparation guidelines

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