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Intelligence, intelligent systems, soft computing and decision support

Janusz Kacprzyk

Systems Research Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences



First, we present a brief account of modern approaches to real world decision making, emphasize the concept of a decision making process that involves more factors and aspects like: the use of own and external knowledge, involvement of various „actors”, aspects, etc., individual habitual domains, non-trivial rationality, different paradigms. As an example we mention Checkland’s deliberative decision making (which is an important elements of his soft approach to systems analysis).


We strongly advocate the use of computer based decision support systems. First, we briefly review their history of decision support systems, and then present a popular classification, starting from data driven to Web based and interorganizational. We indicate that decision support systems should incorporate some sort of “intelligence”, and we first briefly mention some views of what intelligence may mean in this concept, both in an individual and collective perspective, and then assume some more pragmatic, though limited, view of intelligent decision support systems..


We indicate possible advantages of using elements of fuzzy logic and soft computing, notably, Zadeh’s computing with words to be able to somehow merge the ideas presented like: human centric computing, decision making processes, intelligent decision support, etc.


Finally, we present some example of our own implementations that concern a data and document driven decision support system for a small to medium company in which, first, Zadeh’s computing with words and perceptions paradigm is employed via linguistic database summaries, elements of business intelligence and Web intelligence are used to derive additional information, and the ideas of an intelligent decision support and human centric computing are shown to be synergistically combined.




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