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Warsaw Public Transport Information


Warsaw Transport Authority:

City transport:

Public transport in Warsaw is very efficient. The metro, buses and trams are operated by one company, thus the ticket you buy will be valid on any of them. You can obtain the tickets for the public transport from the newspaper kiosks around Warsaw. Day transport operates approximately from 5 am till 11 pm. Between 11 pm and 5 am the night transport operates (just the special night buses). Once you board a bus or a tram you need to punch the ticket - the machine will print the embarkation date and time on the ticket. In the case of metro you need to pass your ticket through a slot in the gate to the station for the gate to open. In the case of multi-pass ticket you need to do this each time you enter the station, although the date and time will be printed only once.

There are several dozen types of tickets, but the ones useful to you will presumably be:

* single pass ticket - value: 2,40 zl. (you can use it on any single vehicle regardless of the number of stops you travel)
* multi-pass tickets - 24 hour ticket: 7,20 zl. (this ticket is valid on any number of vehicles for 24h from the time it was first punched); 3 day ticket: 12 zl and 7 day ticket: 24 zl

How to reach the city centre / WUT from Warsaw International Airport

In front of the arrivals hall there is a taxi stand, but you can use the public transport too. The bus lines 175 and 188 go to the city centre. The bus stop for those lines is a little further out, but also outside the arrivals hall. The bus 188 stops about 300m from Warsaw University of Technology (you need to disembark at the crossing of al. Armii Ludowej with ul. Waryńskiego; the place is also called rondo Jazdy Polskiej), then walk for a short while to the North along ul Waryńskiego and then turn slightly to the left to walk along ul. Polna until you reach pl. Politechniki (a large square where the main university building and the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology stand by). You can obtain the tickets for the public transport from the newspaper kiosk in the arrivals or the departures hall at the airport. The departures hall is located above the arrivals hall - you can use the escalator to reach it from the arrivals hall. You will reach the arrivals hall after crossing the passport control and the customs.

Public Transport – information

Underground (metro)
Going by underground is the fastest way to come from one point to another in Warsaw, but there is only one line, crossing Warsaw from the north to the south.

There is a well-developed net of tramway-lines in the more central parts of Warsaw.

Busses are going through the whole town, also to districts which are far from the centre. There are different types of busses. Special busses are recognizable by their bus-number:
* all busses with a number from 500 till 599 are going fast, only stopping on the important stations
* the same system works with express-busses, which have the letter “E” in front of the number
* there are busses, which drive by the most attractive sites in Warsaw. They go not as fast as other busses, but have descriptions of the most famous buildings along the way written inside. There is no special fee to pay, because they work as normal busses, too. They have the number 100 or 180.
* there is one bus going to from the city centre to the airport: number 175.

Going by taxicab (taxi)
Going by cab is probably far cheaper than in your home country. The prices are between 3 and 6 PLN for one kilometre. And you might be surprised to hear that it is cheaper to order a cab, than to take one, which is driving by.

A map of public transport in Warsaw (file approx. 10 MB !)




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